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Training Supervisor
Customer Care
Brno, Czech Republic
Year joined:

What is your role?
I’m in charge of AVG’s Training Team. We ensure the high quality of our customer support by providing comprehensive, up-to-date training to our agents.

What do you enjoy most about working at AVG?
There are many things, but the thing I enjoy the most is the creative and friendly atmosphere in my team. It’s a real pleasure to see the outcomes of our professional cooperation.

How have you developed yourself at AVG?
Personal development is an important part of everyone’s work experience. Over these five years I’ve worked for AVG, the development I value the most is my improved ability to adapt to rapidly changing requirements and different cultures.

What challenges do you face at AVG?
The biggest challenge we face is the need to maximize the training’s added value for our agents. That requires making it lean, targeted, entertaining, and easy to apply in practice—all at the same time.