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Ecommerce Manager
E-shop Operations
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Year joined:

What is your role?
I’m AVG’s Ecommerce Operations Manager, which means that together with my team we look after the online payments side of the business. We’re responsible for a wide variety of tasks, from researching and implementing best practices and conducting detailed market analysis, to monitoring and improving payment authorization rates, minimizing exposure to online fraud—and everything else in between.  

Why did you decide to join AVG?
AVG is a reputable and well-respected global company, as well as a pioneer in the industry, so the decision to join was an easy one. I was previously involved with ecommerce in the dynamic online gaming industry, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and AVG offered me the opportunity to build on that previous ecommerce experience and continue doing something I liked.

What makes your work interesting?
No two days are ever the same. Ecommerce is continually evolving, so there’s always something new to learn and interesting to work on.  

How have you developed yourself at AVG?
Working for AVG, I’ve been offered various opportunities to develop myself through the use of both internal and external resources. My position has also afforded me great exposure to different aspects of the business, which will no doubt help build on my future career development.